Capacity building and raising awareness on Sustainability through training programs to teams within the companies to drive current and future needs

As companies driving towards decarbonisation and pushing boundaries to realize their environmental, social and governance goals, educating and raising awareness of their internal customers (employees) is crucial to the success of building inclusive society. Organisations face pressure from public awareness as well as regulatory requirements to comply with sustainability data disclosures not only on environmental matters but also related to human development index to ensure the companies focusing on employee skill development in order to equip them to the current and future needs in boosting sustainability. So, any organization that focus on training and development through a structured program that are relevant for today and future are well positioned to manage and mobilize the workforce and gaining competitive advantage over peers.

Our Approach

We provide both strategic and tactical related trainings to employees within the organization depending on the role and responsibilities they play in executive company’s sustainability initiatives. We customise training programs based on the need’s analysis of the employees within the organization and/or business units, so it delivers the highest impact on both learning outcome as well as intended sustainability performance. We believe that simple and practical based training are fundamental to the building operations teams to better manage the facilities sustainability performance such as energy, water and waste.

We bring in our multi-disciplinary experienced consultants and advisors specialized in sustainability, climate change, engineering, technological know-how and mindset change to share their experience, skills and knowledge to benefit the trainees to build their capabilities as well as to have access to knowledge pool whenever in need.  As the subject of sustainability is wide focused, our training programs will be structured through different stages in support of the organization’s sustainability roadmap from design, construction, commissioning, operations and periodic upgrades of the assets.

Multi-disciplinary experienced consultants and advisors

We offer the following advisory and consulting energy management services

  • Sustainable Development Strategies and Policies
  • Behavioural Change Coaching
  • Sustainable / Green Facility Operation
  • Energy Management
  • Water Management
  • Waste Management
  • Circular Economy and Zero Waste
  • Supply Chain Sustainability
  • Digital Technologies Adaptation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Sustainable Development Standards
  • Carbon and Climate Strategies
  • Green Construction

We offer the following training program which will be structured to the specific needs of the client organization

Customized training programs from subject matter experts
Workforce with right attitude and behavioural skills to adapt to the change
Competitive edge over peers
Achieving sustainability goals and targets
Improved reputation on raising awareness and social inclusivity