When a disaster strikes, existing infrastructure for electricity and water are usually disrupted. Electricity and water are vital for disaster response operations and the affected population.

The aim of emergency response is to provide immediate assistance to maintain life, improve health and support the morale of affected population.

Our standalone Enershift is built in a standard ISO shipping container and can be quickly deployed via airlift to affected locations to support emergency relief operations.

The Enershift container houses an electrolyser unit, fuel cells, batteries, hydrogen bottles and a microprocessor that allows the system to be operated autonomously and remotely.

Depending on the terrain and location, Enershift can be coupled with solar panels and/or mini wind turbines to optimise the energy production.

The electricity generated can be connected to the local grid or communication towers. The electricity generated by the system can be hooked up on to a modular desalination unit to provide clean water to the affected population.

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