Enabling de-carbonisation path through energy efficiency, digitization and behavioural change to future proof the built environment and improve triple bottom-line for asset owners

The energy landscape is going through a paradigm shift across industries with respect to changes in technologies, regulatory policy compliance, sustainability and climate change to enable decarbonisation towards low-carbon economy and build inclusive society for sustainable future. Such change poses both challenges and opportunities for companies to go with the pace of change and enable differentiation against their competition to be the leader in sustainability.

As the energy management related sector is wide and expanding rapidly in the recent decades, it also creates own complexity within many organizations as it currently managed through silos of multiple stakeholders such as engineering, facilities, procurement, sustainability, finance and so on. On the contrary, strategies and actions on energy management and emission reduction strategies are crucial for companies to meet their climate goals, compliance to the government policy and managing the pressure from key stakeholders such as investors, NGOs and public.

We look at the energy management through the lens of collaboration, common goal, multi-stakeholder engagement on both internal and external to the organization through enabling digital solutions where data can be leveraged in a fast pace manner to unlock the potential to implement slew of measures seamlessly. We bring in international expertise, proven track record of workable solutions, multi-disciplinary industry experience and technological know-how to support our valued in realizing their sustainability goals and targets.

Our solutions are unique in nature as we develop the strategies and actions plans working closely with companies’ stakeholders in identifying the needs, creating business case, enabling funding mechanisms and adopting right implementation strategies on energy efficiency, operational alignment, behavioural changes, energy transition to net-zero, retro-commissioning and digitization that will deliver desired outcome on environmental, operational and financial targets.

Working closely with companies’ stakeholders in identifying the needs

We offer the following advisory and consulting energy management services

  • Energy Audit and Gap Analysis
  • Energy Efficiency Program Development
  • System Optimization of Cooling and Heating Plants
  • Performance Improvements on Ventilation and Lighting Systems
  • Retro-Commissioning (RCx) and Continuous Performance Management
  • Digitization through Data Analytics, AI and Fault Detection
  • Manufacturing process system optimization such as compressed air, steam, etc
  • Combined Heat and Power Assessment
  • Energy transition and demand management
  • Energy Procurement Opportunities