Transforming Operations through enabling digitization to future proof assets and realize sustainable development goals

Enabling sustainable performance of assets to achieve de-carbonization goals highly depending on the operational and maintenance strategies of specific assets and/or portfolio of assets.  We believe in early engagement of business and operations team with design team from the onset of asset development in order to provide relevant input through the construction and commissioning process while learning the intricacies of new technologies and sustainable development strategies put in place, so it will create a good Segway to operations team to structure the processes in achieving the intended sustainable outcome.

We offer operation and maintenance consultancy services to the diverse market sector of built environment to ensure environmentally sustainable operation is upheld on energy, water, waste and other resources consumption as well as adopting right mindset by the operations team to maximize the operational performance of the assets. We facilitate the cyclic process from design, development, construction, commissioning, operation and optimization of the assets through enabling right processes, technologies and mitigating any bottle-necks in order to realize the sustainable performance to our investors and project developers.

We also provide advisory and consultancy services on existing aging assets to perform gap analysis and implement strategies to improve operational performance and future proof-built environment towards low-carbon economy and increase asset value.

Through the process, we also look into enabling digitization of operation and maintenance function that can help to instigate predictive measures through analytics to improve resiliency and reliability of assets. Digitization of operation and maintenance will ultimately enable to improve life-cycle cost, continuous performance management of asset sustainability targets and increase asset value to benefit the shareholders.

Ultimately enable to improve life-cycle cost

We offer the following services for an asset or portfolio assets

  • Existing Operation and Maintenance Gap Analysis
  • Identify opportunities and Enable Optimization Programs
  • Digitization of Operation and Maintenance
  • Process Optimization to eliminate waste
  • Asset Condition / Dilapidation Surveys
  • Training and Development on behavioural and technical