Enabling Right Approach towards waste reduction and adapting circular strategies for companies to be environmentally responsible

Waste is one of the growing concerns and critical areas of the business risk for companies around the world. Waste creates multi-faceted risks such as environmental, health and financial aspect from generation, storage, disposal and transportation. This puts up lots of pressure from consumers, regulators, investors, NGOs and many other stakeholders for companies to strategize measures to better manage waste, disclose data and mitigate risks through waste reduction programs. Interestingly such risks also offer opportunities for companies to innovate and identify business opportunities from their waste generation that ultimately helped to mitigate risks while contributing to cost optimization.

We offer a comprehensive approach towards waste management within client organization from waste minimization, repurposing, recycling and transforming the trash into treasure through circular concept that help companies to mitigating risks, compliance to regulatory requirements and contributing to the social inclusivity.  We bring our expertise, experience and proven practical experience to engage stakeholders within the organizations to develop waste management strategies and structured action plans to implement through measurable outcome.

We also look into various regulatory frame works such as Resource Sustainability Act (RSA 2019) in Singapore and others like GRI, while structuring the strategies to ensure it is aligned with local requirements as well as international requirements related to sustainable development goals towards responsible consumption of resources.  We also explore adopting digital solutions at client facilities to simplify the waste management process from data collection, data analysis, auditing, verification and optimization perspective. Such approach will help to minimize dependency on human resources, increasing the accuracy of the data and helping out on faster decision making to achieve sustainability goals.

Adopting digital solutions at client facilities to simplify the waste management process

We offer the following consultancy and project management services

  • Waste Audit and Gap Analysis
  • Develop Waste Management Program
  • Food Waste Reduction Strategies
  • Zero Waste Initiatives
  • Plastic Reduction Strategies
  • Circular Economy Strategies
  • Operational Optimization & Behavioural Change
  • Date Measurement and Reporting
  • Digital Solutions on entire waste management cycle
  • Supply Chain Waste Management Strategies
  • Waste to Energy Strategies