Unique and innovative approach to water conservation and risk mitigation strategies for asset owners and operators

Rising issue of global warming and climate change is posing significant risks to the water systems around the world such as drought, pollution, increasing cost and accessibility to companies and consumers. Many countries and regions face huge gap between supply and demand of water resources which impacts economies, livelihood of the people and imparts stress as the population and industries grow. In parallel, pressure from regulators, consumers and other stakeholders puts companies on radar to take concerted actions to be water efficient in their business operations, disclose goals and targets to mitigate the risks associated with water.

We engage with our valued clients on strategic level to assess their water footprint, benchmarking against peers, setting/reviewing of water reduction targets, opportunities for improvements in the areas of water use efficiency, repurposing of water, rainwater harvesting, waste water recovery and raising awareness with stakeholders within the organizations and their customers. Our holistic approach will be focussed on end-to-end assessment, prevention of wastages, conservation of resources and improving the environmental and economical performance.

We facilitate building owners, operators and manufacturing facilities to develop water management strategies through collaborative stakeholder engagement programs. We also help to assess any bottle-necks in implementation and develop business case to obtain buy-in from key stakeholders.

We also recommend digital technological solutions to better manage the water use, its reporting as well as establishing analytics for leak management and quality management.

Recommend digital technological solutions to better manage the water use

We provide the following advisory and consultancy services

  • Water Audit and Gap Analysis
  • Develop Water Management Program
  • Water Use Efficiency
  • Leak detection and management program
  • Water Repurpose Program
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Condensate Water Recovery Program